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It is hard to deal with pornography. It is everywhere on the internet. Thankfully, if we are aware of our moral weaknesses as people, we can deal with them more effectively. There are some useful strategies that can be applied to preventing excessive distraction. It is partly up to the individual to decide whether they want to take responsibility for problems.

1. Limit Exposure To Internet

Helping Teens Fight Internet Pornography5Just by itself, the internet can be a big addiction. The internet allows us to access information easily and quickly. Sadly, many of the information on the internet is false or obscene. Obscene information destroys are capacity to think clearly. It makes us emotional reasoners who are not able to make wise decisions. Just like with alcohol, porn destroys brain cells. If you have your own smartphone or laptop, consider adding filter software to prevent porn. Some addicts even go so far as to throw out their electronic device. Although that might seem extreme, it is better than being so hooked on obscene material that the rest of life is in shambles.

2. Get A Normal Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

The teen years are the time that many young people begin practicing their intimate relationships. It is unhealthy to randomly begin and then disengage from an intimate relationship. Try group dating. This gives you accountability without the pressure to perform. Many dating activities are funner when you have a group of people and their friends who you are going out with. Once you have established a special someone, it is important to practice working and committing to that person exclusively. Tell them if you have a problem with porn. Most young people probably do at some point in time.

3. Be Accountable With Authorities

Authorities are designed to protect us from the consequences of poor decision making. They have rules in place that show us what to do. They punish us when we fail to obey. Have several authorities in your life that can guide you. This might be a teacher, a parent, or even a smart peer. Share with them when you are struggling in the area of sexual morality. Your education and career prospects will be higher if you are not held down by a poor habit.

porn addiction44. Get Work

Sometimes just having more to do can help keep us from making mistakes. Work also provides money that can be used to pay for the expense of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Many parents are more willing for their children to have a boyfriend or girlfriend if their child is working. A good resource to go to look for jobs is Craigslist.


Handling life and a struggle with a porn addiction is easier when it is handled with the help of others. There are many normal people around you who are struggling with the same things that you are. The key to getting fixed is to be honest enough to admit the problems you are facing to safe people.